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Louisiana Personal Injury Lawyers

Many people visit our offices after they have experienced frustration in dealing with their injuries or with insurance companies. They come to us seeking solutions, wondering if we can help them take legal action. Attorney M. Terrance Hoychick has in-depth knowledge of Louisiana law, certain areas of federal law, and years of experience representing injured people. He focuses on what God wants from him by working diligently to help the people who ask for his guidance.

He handles personal injury claims involving a wide variety of situations. Whether your claim is large or small, our legal services are designed to help you receive compensation for the harm done to you. By offering legal counsel, he aspires to give you the financial ability to help make you whole again. He assists clients with problems involving:

  • Brain injury
  • Auto accident
  • Birth injury
  • Slip and fall
  • Medical malpractice
  • Dangerous product
  • Dog bite
  • Nursing home negligence
  • Train accidents

He prepares his clients fully to go to court, keeping in regular communication with them concerning the status of their case. He will talk with you openly about how Louisiana law may affect your situation. He believes in doing everything possible to teach you about the law while letting you make informed decisions about the actions you want to take . Personal injury attorney Terrance Hoychick helps clients negotiate settlements, but also prepares vigorously for trial. When he goes to trial, he gives you excellent representation by using a wide variety of resources, including financial and business experts.

M. Terrance Hoychick, A.P.L.C. can answer your personal injury questions by helping you understand Louisiana law in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. He has years of experience representing injured people. Contact our offices to schedule a free consultation at 337-466-4419 .

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