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Louisiana Law Firm: Personal Bankruptcy Counsel

If you are considering filing bankruptcy or reorganization, are a creditor of a person or business that filed bankruptcy, or need advice about Chapter 7, 11, 12 or 13, talking with H. Kent Aguillard can help you understand our nation's bankruptcy laws. Speaking with him can also help you think of other options, such as negotiating with creditors, debtors or restructuring or refinancing debt while avoiding revolving credit card debt, or debt consolidation, credit counseling, or costly and time-consuming litigation. Mr. Aguillard understands that you may have worries or concerns about your financial future, your business, and the complexity of debt facilities and bankruptcy. You may be concerned about keeping your house and providing for your family, a loan in default, or a multi-million dollar complex business transaction.

H. Kent Aguillard offers non-judgmental counsel about your options . He knows that everyone makes mistakes and creditors and debtors all need advice. He helps clients view reorganization and bankruptcy as an opportunity to start again or to minimize loss. He helps his clients understand the truth and that people do not function well with the weight of debt affecting every part of their lives and businesses want to survive and continue to help grow the economy. Lenders and other creditors need wise counsel as well concerning defaulted loans, chapter 11 reorganizations, debtor-in-possession loans, and the morass of complex bankruptcy matters.

Kent Aguillard is very knowledgeable about bankruptcy law and can help you understand, in a relaxed and friendly setting, how the law may apply to your situation. Attorney Kent Aguillard is Board Certified in Business Bankruptcy law by the American Board of Certification and the Louisiana Bar Association. He is a member of with over 25 years of experience in bankruptcy and related matters. He has been helping clients with personal bankruptcy matters for years.

Bankruptcy offers the honest but unfortunate debtor an opportunity for a fresh start while keeping your sense of self-respect, protecting your home, business, loan, collateral and rights. Bankruptcy is an opportunity for a fresh start. Mr. Aguillard can help you develop a new financial plan to begin moving forward and making better financial decisions in the future or protecting the rights of creditors. Contact H. Kent Aguillard to schedule a consultation at 337-466-4419.

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