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Bankruptcy And Personal Injury Lawyers

Mr. Hoychick and Mr. Aguillard each views his law practice as a kind of sacred trust.

Practicing law with the utmost integrity, Mr. Hoychick works diligently to represent people with personal injury and auto accident issues and other legal matters.

Mr. Aguillard represents people in personal and commercial bankruptcy, and a wide range of other legal concerns.

Each is dedicated to creating legal solutions for people experiencing problems in their lives and each maintains his own law practice.

Solid Legal Advice in a Relaxed Atmosphere

Mr. Hoychick and Mr. Aguillard spend time helping their clients in a friendly atmosphere, talking confidentially and non-judgmentally about your experiences. Each works passionately to help you find the appropriate path forward and then take that action. We know the law and are successful lawyers, both inside and outside the courtroom.

Both M. Terrance Hoychick and H. Kent Aguillard are well-respected in the community of Eunice, Louisiana, the surrounding area, and across the state. Many of their clients are referred to their offices by satisfied clients or by other lawyers in the area. By working with a network of community contacts, they are able to take large and small cases.

Each attorney operates his own law practice in the same building/office. Both attorneys work to shape their services to meet your needs.

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Terrance Hoychick and Kent Aguillard can answer your personal injury, bankruptcy, or other legal questions by helping you understand Louisiana and federal law in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Contact our offices to schedule a consultation at 337-466-4419.

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